Honour Roll

Barbershopper of the Year

Every year at our Annual General Meeting the members of the club vote for their Barbershopper of the Year - the member who they feel has contributed most significantly to the club in one way or another over the preceding year.
The member with the most votes is awarded the John Beck Trophy which they hold until the next year's winner is chosen, 

In 2023 the BOTY trophy was awarded to Mike Cook.  

Previous winners of the John Beck Trophy for Barbershopper Of the Year : 

Year Winner
1986 Mike Taylor
1987 John Green
1988 Jon Conway
1989 Mike Taylor
1990 Mike Warner
1991 Eric Blake
1992 Ken Taylor
1993 Mike Warner
1994 Stuart Sides
1995 Mike Tayor
1996 Jon Conway
1997 Jonathan Smith
1998 Roly Stansfield
1999 Andrew Edgley
2000 Mike Taylor
2001 Jon Conway
2002 Dave Dana
2003 Bill Payne
2004 Dave Dana
2005 Bill Payne
2006 John Palmer
2007 Bill Payne and Peter Mumford
2008 Peter Mumford
2009 Andrew Edgley
2010 Reg Stemp
2011 Roger Sutton
2012 Andy Wood
2013 Tom Hooks
2014 Dave Potts
2015 Andy Douglas
2016 Ian Ayres
2017 Dave Potts
2018 Chris Tweed
2019 Ian Ayres and Bob Knowles
2020 Andy Douglas
2021 Ian Ayres and Dave Potts
2022     Andy Douglas
2023   Mike Cook


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